High performance product management requires a comprehensive approach.

Most every company has a product management GAP, a mismatch between what the company wants from product management and what it gets.

GAP areas in product management occur in more than one place: people … their roles … how they are defined and measured … discipline for product planning and strategy … availability and accessibility to intelligence … and so many more. The reason for this GAP is that too many companies fail to realize the complex inter-related structural, organizational and functional aspects of effective product management.

A comprehensive, integrated approach is needed.

Without a comprehensive approach, the sophisticated orchestration needed for effective product management is lost. Opportunities for greater market and financial success go un-exploited. That’s why every CEO and other top executives interested in maximizing business performance need to become aware of the GAP areas that impact product management. Only a comprehensive approach can close these GAP areas and help your company to harness its full potential in the marketplace.

Don’t just train. Transform your business.

Those who sense they have a product management GAP usually consider training for the cure. But training is little more than a band-aid that fails to deal with the underlying structural, organizational and functional performance of product management. If you try to fix one aspect of your product management without understanding how all the pieces of product management work together, you won't solve your product management problem and you will waste money. Solving the product management GAP begins not with training, but with a comprehensive review of all phases of the business as it relates to product management. 

Maximal’s comprehensive approach to product management delivers maximum results.

Your investment in product management will pay dividends when you approach the problem system-wide. Maximals will help your company bridge the product management GAP, maximizing its product management competency and overall market success.

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8 field-proven tips to unleash the power of your product managers.

Expect strategic and forward-thinking business leadership from your product managers. They are highly dependent on those around them. They depend on (and deserve) clear definition about their role and your expectations. They also need a solid organizational understanding. Many years of field experience underscore the value of these tips in getting the most from your product managers: 

Dominate Your Space

Many executives and thousands of product managers have benefited from the know-how and insights contained in this book. The bottom line is this: to dominate your space in the market, you must unleash the power of good product management.

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